How you can believe you’re an expert

There’s so much marketing content out there it could make your head spin. You could spend your entire life reading blogs from one expert or another, or signing up for endless courses that promise to tell you the secret of a successful business. The great thing about all of this is that you can find […]

Do you show what’s behind the scenes?

Sometimes it can feel as if marketing is one big front. You set out your stall to persuade people to do business with you. The idea of showing them behind the scenes seems completely counterintuitive. There’s no way you could show people the cogs working, is there? I’m not saying that your marketing has to […]

Do you want to make your hotel famous?

There are some hotels whose names will be recognised wherever you go in the world. You could be in New York or on an island somewhere in the Pacific and people will have heard of the Ritz, The Dorchester or Claridges. You might think that your regional hotel will never be able to reach those […]

What niche do you want to be famous for?

Did my last blog (catch up here if you haven’t read it) sell you on the idea of building your business in a specific niche? If it did, you might have some ideas already about the sort of audience you want to target. If, on the other hand, you’ve no idea what niche you’re aiming […]