Do you know your blog isn’t a blog?

Well, maybe it is. Except for those times when it isn’t. Sorry if I’m talking in riddles, but I’ve been seeing it a lot recently. I visit someone’s website and get excited when I see a link to a blog. Then I click through to find out that it’s actually something else. What am I […]

Why you need to plan your new year marketing now

The New Year is ages away.  You’ve still got six weeks to Christmas and you’re focused on that.  You don’t need to work out what’s happening with your New Year marketing yet, do you? Obviously, I’m kidding. If you aren’t busy with Christmas related work already, you soon will be.  Suddenly you’ll find yourself on […]

Is your marketing for city or country?

I know what you’re thinking.  I’ve finally lost it.  Marketing for city or country, what on earth am I talking about? There is a world of difference in how you market different types of holiday to different people.  If you’re sending your customers to a sunny beach resort, most people will know what to expect.  […]

Why I love to travel

You might have noticed that my blogs have taken on a bit of a theme recently.  Over the past few months I’d started to feel a bit stuck.  I wanted to use my background in my writing and to me that meant working for professional services businesses. After all, I’d spent a big chunk of […]

Your travel agency needs great connections

When you book a holiday for your customers, do you know what you’re letting them in for? Is it a tried and trusted location that you know is amazing?Or, is it somewhere that just offered a good deal? I know that you care about your customers and whether they have a good time while they’re […]