Why on earth would I want to niche down?

When you start talking about niching, people start to panic. It’s a natural reaction. Why would you deliberately narrow your audience when there’s so much potential business out there? You’d have to be crazy to turn good customers away, right? Well, maybe not. The trouble with marketing to the whole world is that you don’t […]

Do you still need a travel agent?

Who really needs a travel agent these days? After all, almost anyone can search online and find their perfect holiday in a few minutes. Or find flights and hotels separately and save themselves a heap of cash. How do you market yourself when your potential customers are convinced they don’t need you anymore? Here are […]

Do you still need a blog?

Given that you’re running a business and probably not living in a cave*, you’ve doubtless been bombarded by talk of ‘Facebook Zero’ and how we’re all going to have to pay to be seen. I’ve heard that I need to be doing more videos and should be going live on Facebook more often. But is […]

Why you might need a professional video

I confess, I haven’t made the leap into having a professional video made just yet. I’ve seen some wonderful work but the businesses featured are all, well – more active than mine. I don’t doubt that a decent videographer could tell me how to showcase my work in an interesting way but I’m not quite […]

Do you need video confidence?

When you’re using video, confidence is key. But what if you don’t have any? What if the idea of putting yourself on video is enough to give you the heebie jeebies? The good news is, there is help. Here’s my handy guide to building your video confidence and sharing your business on screen. Read more