Why I love to travel

You might have noticed that my blogs have taken on a bit of a theme recently.  Over the past few months I’d started to feel a bit stuck.  I wanted to use my background in my writing and to me that meant working for professional services businesses. After all, I’d spent a big chunk of […]

Your travel agency needs great connections

When you book a holiday for your customers, do you know what you’re letting them in for? Is it a tried and trusted location that you know is amazing?Or, is it somewhere that just offered a good deal? I know that you care about your customers and whether they have a good time while they’re […]

How you can talk to anyone about your business

I always used to think that people who started their own business must be naturally confident.  They must be natural entrepreneurs with the communication skills to match.  I reasoned that anyone with the confidence to start their own business must have the confidence to talk to anyone. Then I started my own business.  I didn’t […]