Why you need to share your business story

You might think that storytelling has no place in business. In fact, sharing your story is one of the key ways that you can communicate with your customers. A story isn’t just something fictional, a bedtime story for the kids. It’s a way of letting people know that you understand them. Let me show you […]

Why you need a CTA in every blog post

One of the benefits of a blog post is that your audience can read it and walk away, obligation free. Of course, from your point of view that’s also one of the downsides. By writing a blog you offer useful information that demonstrates your expertise. Your regular readers get to know you, like what you’re […]

How you can find exciting topics for your blog

When you start a blog and want to come up with topics, there’s one very important thing to keep at the front of your mind. Your customer. Whatever you write about, ask yourself – “will my customers care about this?” If they won’t, don’t write about it. Knowing your customer should be one of the […]

Are your customers listening to you?

It’s a common complaint. In fact, it’s one I’ve made myself. You create all this fabulous content and it feels as if no-one’s listening. No-one comments on your blog, your Facebook reach is rubbish and you feel like throwing a party if you get a couple of likes on a post! You feel invisible. How […]