About me

writer website header about services contact samples pricingThanks for visiting, here’s a bit more about my background and how I ended up here! I am a freelance writer living and working in Leicestershire.

Early years

My grandpa was a publisher and I had a library before I was born, in fact my mum still has most of it! Some of my earliest memories are of being introduced to authors when grandpa was part of the welcoming committee. My dad often used to travel for work and would write and record stories for me to listen to at bedtime when he couldn’t be there himself.

I grew up surrounded by beautiful words, but also knowing that writers were ordinary people you could have a chat with. Now that I have a young family it comes naturally to me to pass that enthusiasm on.

I have always written, from classroom scribbles as a child to plays as a teenager. My first taste of success was being shortlisted in the Woolwich Young Radio Playwrights competition, sadly now defunct. I suspect the awards ceremony was less glamorous than the Oscars, but it was shorter and there was free wine.

My professional life and the need for change

The need to earn a living intervened. I also wanted to do something useful and I went to university to study law.

I was a practising solicitor for nine years and learnt to combine the corporate with the creative. This often involved writing to persuade clients to take a different course of action than they had intended. During that time I worked with giants of manufacturing, construction and retail. I gained insight into those industries and the people who worked within them. This often involved translating highly technical information for a lay audience.

I love to know what makes people tick and how to use words to influence them in the right way. I had continued with my writing and decided that the time had come to make a permanent change. My children were very small and the law had become less fun than it used to be.

All about my life now

In my spare time I am a season ticket holder at Leicester Tigers rugby and enjoy trail running. This means that the weekends usually find me cheering loudly on a terrace or hurtling through my local parks and woods. I find that I have usually regained the use of my voice and limbs by about Tuesday.

I live in Charnwood with my husband and sons. If I sound like your kind of person, get in touch to let me know how I can help you and your business.

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