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It’s the million dollar question – how does my pricing work?

Whether you’re a small business with limited resources or a larger business looking for the best possible investment, cost is a key consideration.  Do you need a writer to work on a single project or do you need support on an ongoing basis?

Even a large organisation might not have an employee with the right skills for a one off project.  Outsourcing to a specialist means you can identify the expert you need and get the work done quickly at the right price.  You don’t have to spend money on recruitment or training and you’re not responsible for their tax, national insurance or pension contributions.

Ultimately, if the relationship doesn’t work out you don’t have to jump through employment law hoops to get rid of a freelancer.  You just don’t work with them again.

If you’re a micro businesses or sole trader you can assemble a team of fellow freelancers.  That could mean you don’t need any employees at all.

Pricing – one off project or long term relationship?

What do you need?  A website update, brochure content or an ongoing marketing campaign?  Do you need to connect with your customers via a regular blog or social media posts?

If you need a one off piece of content, go to my projects page to find out more.  You can come back as often as you like but you don’t have to commit to a regular package.

If you need blogs, social media content or regular email marketing, visit my packages page to discover how you can combine high quality content with regular, predictable pricing.

Or maybe you’d prefer some training?

I also offer group workshops and one on one training for small businesses who want to write their own content. Visit my workshops and training page to find out more.

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