Your brilliant new product: how to get your customers excited

Your brilliant new product_ how to get your customers excited

I know you love your product.  The things you make and the innovative solutions you come up with are truly remarkable.  I’d worry if that weren’t the case; if you don’t think your output is amazing, why should anyone else?


The thing is, that’s just the problem.  The product features that get you excited and that you want to tell the world about aren’t the same ones that are going to interest your customers, at least not in the way that they interest you.  Your audience don’t care about how clever you are.  They just want you to tell them how the things you make are going to improve their lives.


The ‘so what?’ test

The ‘so what?’ test is one of the highest marketing hurdles that you’re going to need to leap.  That and the fact that your audience are constantly being bombarded by different messages that cause their attention to flit back and forth, this way and that as if they’re watching Murray vs Djokovic on Centre Court.


Generally speaking, your prospective customers aren’t looking at your product wondering what impressive technical features you’ve come up with (unless you’re selling my husband a TV or a laptop, but enough about that for now…).  They want to know how spending their money with you is going to make their lives better, so tell them that upfront or they’re just going to move on.


What’s great about your product?

I know I said that your customers don’t care about how clever you are, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on your products’ (or service’s) best features.  What elements are really impressive, completely different from the norm or what anyone else is offering?  What motivated you to design a particular feature in that way?  Why did you choose the raw materials that you’ve used?  If you’re service based, what’s special about the way you do things?


When you’ve worked all that out, put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes.   If you haven’t worked out who your ideal customer is, go here for some great advice from Claire Mitchell at The Girls Mean Business.  What is important to your customer?  How are the exceptional features of your product going to help them, make their lives easier or even appeal to their core values?  They don’t want to know about the things that saved you money, but something that benefits their pocket will be an instant winner.  Equally, their ears are going to prick up if you’re saving them time, making them look good or feel more confident.


Bringing new customers into the family

If you want to turn new and interested prospects or even occasional customers into lifelong devotees, make them feel as if they’re part of your tribe.  If you appeal to something that they view as being central to their identity, you’ll have made a new best friend.


Recently, I’ve been working with an immensely talented British designer, Helen Howe of Helen Howe Atelier.  Helen designs beautiful tweed coats, capes and jackets (take a look, they’re truly stunning). All of her garments are made by hand in Britain with British sourced fabrics, something her core audience adores and which keeps them returning for more.


So, what do your customers love about you?  If you’d like some help working it out, get in touch!


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