Blog writing: helping to bring your story to life

I love writing my blog.  I know it’s no surprise that I love writing, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it for a living. I spend a lot of time writing for other people so it’s great to be able to use my own voice for a change. It’s also my chance to talk to you, […]

My content marketing journey: how it can help you too!

When I first started my business, using content marketing was an easy decision.  I produce content for other people so it was the obvious way for me to showcase my skills.  That said, deciding exactly what I was going to write proved slightly more challenging. I knew that I had the ability to talk to […]

Employee communications: how to write a great newsletter

The thing I love about being a sole trader is that internal communication is easy.  I may run the risk of talking to myself on a regular basis, but I find it’s sometimes the best way to get a straight answer! Equally, if you only have a handful of employees keeping everyone up to date is […]

Training: how to create sessions your colleagues will love

If you’re tasked with running a training session, I’m guessing that the last thing you want is to be that person who sent everyone to sleep.  I remember the first time I had to deliver legal training to my former colleagues.  I thought it would be easy.  I had no problem being eloquent in front […]