How you can plan so that time equals money

Have you ever been lectured about pricing?  Or do you have to work for a fixed fee that you didn’t negotiate?  I’ve done both.  The benefit of being self-employed is that you can set your own prices.  Of course, you might have a client who wants to negotiate but ultimately it’s up to you whether […]

Supervision: are you the boss from hell?

If you believe the statistics, we change careers between five and seven times in our lives.  I’m already on career number four – if you count the student bar work and terrible admin jobs, that is.  In reality, I’ve changed jobs at least that often, if not more.  But what does that have to do […]

Do you delegate well?

You might have an easy answer to that question.  Either you delegate all the time and you think you’ve got it right or you don’t delegate at all. If you’re a sole trader, delegating can feel as if you’re handing your baby over to a complete stranger.  Either you’ve decided to take on an employee […]