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Are you creating consistent content marketing that speaks your customers’ language? Yes? No? Absolutely no idea? Step this way…

I’m going to share a harsh truth here – your customers don’t care about you. They’re only interested in what you can do for them. Your marketing needs to build trust so that your future customers understand how you help them and can be confident that you won’t disappear into the night with their hard earned cash.

All of that takes time and consistency. It needs content marketing that shares your knowledge and expertise in a way that helps your audience. Sometimes the toughest thing about marketing is putting yourself in your customers shoes. I help you to bridge the gap between the product or service you offer and the things your customers need.

If you’re struggling to attract visitors to your website or find that your ideal customers don’t understand what you do, a blog could be the answer.

A regular blog lets you get your message across and it’s great for your SEO. My blog writing packages are designed to give you consistent marketing content that will educate your audience and attract the people who really need your help.

How the blog writing packages work

When you sign up for one of my blog writing packages you’ll get the content you need, when you need it. If you’ve got loads of ideas and know exactly what you want to say, we’ll choose a topic and I’ll get to work. Need a bit of help working out what will help your audience? I’ll make some suggestions for you. We’ll have a chat each month, or you can email me with a brief and some background reading. Then I’ll go away and write a blog that sounds like you wrote it yourself within 14 days (although it’s usually less than that). If you need to make changes, just email me back and we’ll get it done.

Everything is tailored to you.

What’s included

Every package includes a monthly 30 minute Zoom call so that we can keep in touch and I can learn about your business and the way you want to come across. I’ll be your voice so the more I know about you and your business the better. If you really hate talking to people you can send me some reading material instead, it’s totally up to you.

I’ll write anything from one blog a month to one a week and I’ll suggest topics if you need them. I’ll also do a round of edits if there’s anything you want to change after you’ve seen the first draft.

Give me a trial

The idea of handing your marketing over can be daunting, especially if you’ve done it all yourself up until now. When you work with me you get a writer who wants to be part of your team. We don’t have to be best friends but it really helps if we get on well. The best results happen when you can talk honestly about your business, the things you love and the challenges that wind you up!

That’s why I offer all new customers a month’s trial.  You probably won’t see the effects of your new marketing in that time but you’ll know whether I’m the right choice for you.

Certainty for you

We all need a bit of certainty and predictability in our businesses.  My blog writing packages give you a fixed monthly outlay so you won’t get any scary bills from me.

All I ask is that you commit to a three month contract.  After that you’re free to cancel any time.


Do you want three blogs instead of four?  Do you need to deal with a complex subject which means bucket loads of research?  Would you rather meet face to face? All of my packages can be tailored to suit your needs, so get in touch to find out more.


Package prices

Little extras

A blog isn’t just a piece of content that will sit on your website waiting to be found. It’s endlessly reusable and can make the rest of your content marketing easier. I can adapt your blog so you can use it in your emails and across your social media platforms. If you’re normally full of ideas but find yourself drawing a blank, you can opt for a one off content plan to get the juices flowing again.

pricing optional extras

Want to see some samples of my work to find out if you like my style? Here you go.

Ready for a chat? You can book your no obligation call here to see if we get on.

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