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What are lead magnets, and how do they help you grow your business?

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Building a relationship with your audience means encouraging them to take a step closer to buying from you. How can you do that? With a lead magnet. Read on to learn more about lead magnets and what they can do for your business.

What are lead magnets?

As the name suggests, lead magnets are a way to attract your ideal customers to your business. Your content marketing helps your audience get to know you and what you do. A lead magnet takes it a step further by persuading people to give you their email addresses in exchange for something they want. That means you aren’t at the mercy of a social media algorithm anymore; you can talk to your customer via their inbox.

Keeping you at the front of your customer’s mind

You might think email marketing has had its day, but it hasn’t. If you send marketing emails regularly, you’ll stay at the front of your customers’ minds by reminding them what you do. Then when they’re ready to buy, they’ll remember you. If you get to know your customers, you could even tailor your emails to arrive when they’re thinking about that very thing. Your lead magnet could do the same job if it’s something your customer looks at or refers to regularly.

Offer your audience something useful

One of the most important things about good lead magnets is that they offer your audience something valuable. This helps your business in two different ways. Firstly, it allows you to qualify your leads. If your lead magnet is specific enough, it’ll only appeal to people who might eventually buy from you. Secondly, it helps your audience to understand how you can help them by offering them a sneak preview of the results they could get if they worked with you or bought your product.

Encourage people to try your product

If you have a product-based business, your lead magnet could be a free or low-cost sample. Your potential customers might hesitate because they’re reluctant to spend money and take a risk. By offering them something free or asking them to pay a small amount on P&P, you encourage them to take a chance.

This approach doesn’t just apply to physical products. Many software services offer a free trial so that you can try it out for yourself.

Lead magnets help you share information

If you have a service-based business, you can’t necessarily send someone a free sample of your service. I could write you an opening paragraph for your blog, but it wouldn’t get you very far. So instead, you can create lead magnets with hints and tips that help your audience to take a DIY approach. Helping your audience with your lead magnets shows them your expertise and builds trust. Then, when they’re ready to work with someone, they’ll remember you and how you helped them.

You can also follow up on your lead magnet with emails that teach them more about your services and how you work.

Do you want to grab your audience’s attention with a great lead magnet? I can help with that. If you’d like a chat to find out how it works, you can book a call here.

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Your menopause and the butterfly effect

Guest blog - Mairi Taylor - menopause rock star

We know that for a caterpillar to transform into a butterfly they have to allow themselves to turn in to the most glorious goop where their imaginal cells – I always thought they were called “the magical cells” – recreate the butterfly the caterpillar was always destined to be.

If anyone tries to hurry the process or help the delicate butterfly emerge from their cocoon too early their lives are shortened & they don’t get to live their full glorious next phase of life.

What if your menopause transition is your glorious gloopy phase?

A full breakdown of the woman you are in order to become the woman you are meant to be in this next chapter of your life? This is a true “unbecoming” as you have to allow yourself time to be the gloopy mess, a mess where everything you thought you were is allowed to disintegrate & you recreate a new glorious version of yourself.

This time can be confusing, frustrating, irritating & downright frightening as we appear to rage against the two aspects of ourselves. For many of us we hold on so tightly to “our caterpillar” that we simply don’t allow the potential magic to happen. There can be such a sense of loss for many as society doesn’t honour our “gloopy mess” phase, or the wise wild woman we can become.We haven’t been shown how to navigate this transition in between family, work & all the other 100’s of responsibilities & commitments we face as modern women, but maybe just knowing this “mess” is all part of the phase may help your butterfly emerge just a little easier.

You can’t rush it, force it or deny it because to do so would impact the quality & vibrancy of the next phase & you would be dishonouring the woman you were & the woman you are yet to know.

What if we could all enter this phase of life knowing we need to allow time & space for the breakdowns, setting strong boundaries to protect some “chrysalis time”, the reimagining, the gloopy, sticky mess & see, hear & feel it for what it is? Knowing that by allowing it to take it’s time & simply swim in the soupy mess we will emerge as a newly formed & glorious post menopause woman who can open her wings & fly with a new sense of freedom as her next chapter takes form?

Mairi Taylor

Get in touch

If you need or support navigating your menopause / midlife transition then know you don’t have to be on your own. I can offer a range of services and a support network of resources and people to help you navigate.

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7 tips to help you write a headline that gets you noticed

Me at my computer, creating content and trying to write a headline that'll get my marketing noticed.
Image by Julie Grant Photography

Good content marketing headlines can mean the difference between your content being read or totally ignored. (Find out why here.) Here are my tips on how to write a headline that will help you attract the right audience.

Make sure your headline reflects your content

A good headline lets your audience know what to expect. If people start reading only to find that your post wasn’t what they were expecting, you’ll lose their trust, and that’s fatal to a small business. So write a headline showing them why your content is worth your time, and ensure your post sticks to the point.

Write your headline last

If you’ve planned your post, you’ll have a good idea about what you’re going to cover, but things can change as you write. You might come up with an interesting analogy or a take on the subject you weren’t expecting. If you write a headline before you start, check it at the end. Does it still work with the finished piece?

Use numbers

If you can use a number when you write a headline, do it. Several studies have shown that using a number in your headline can increase engagement by anything from 15% to 73%. Readers like numbers because they’re specific and show you roughly how long a post will be. However, please don’t shoehorn a number in if it isn’t relevant. Your readers will smell a rat.

Write lots of different options

Writing several different headline ideas gives you options to choose from and can help you to create a headline that fits your content. Change the structure of your headline and use different synonyms. You can also think about the results your readers will get and why they’ll be interested in what you have to say. Then, when you’ve finished the piece, you can see which one is the best fit.

Put keywords at the start

Putting your keyword or phrase at the start of your headline means that your subject is clear from the start. That’s great for your readers and your SEO. However, it isn’t always possible; I think it’s better to have a headline that reads well than to put your keyword at the start and end up with a clunky sentence.

Use power words

Power words are words and phrases that encourage people to pay attention. Sometimes these can be as simple as using ‘you’ or ‘your’ in a headline. It makes your reader feel that you’re speaking to them personally. Power words are often emotional but can also create a sense of urgency. CoSchedule’s list of 180 power words will give you an idea of the kind of words that work.

Test your headlines

A good headline lets your audience know what they’re going to read but also creates an emotional connection. You might not think you can test that, but you can. If you’ve got a few different options, a headline analyser can help you to pick the best one. There are a few to try, but my favourite is the Advanced Marketing Institute’s headline analyser.

Do you want to grab your audiences’ attention and create content that speaks your customers’ language? I can help with that. If you’d like a chat to find out how it works, you can book a call here.

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