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Do you need copy for a one off project? Does your website need an update?  Perhaps you’ve been invited to write an article about your area of expertise but it just doesn’t look right on the page.

Perhaps you’re an agency looking for a writer to provide white label content for your clients.

Whatever you need, I’m here to help.

Your project

You know what you want your project to achieve.  You have a clear idea of your target market and the type of content you want to use.  To get the right results you need copy that speaks your customers’ language.  That’s where I come in.  If you’ve been staring at a blank screen trying to find the right words, I’ll take the idea that’s in your head and turn it into sparkling copy.

If you have existing content or brand guidelines, that’s great.  Otherwise, we’ll work together to create a finished product that reflects your style and conveys your message in a way that will bring your ideal customer to your door (even if you only have a virtual door).  

If you’re tired of spending hours on content creation when it makes your head hurt, I’m here to help.

What I offer

Website content

Whether you’re a new startup or you’ve been in business for years, your website needs to grow and evolve with you. Maybe you’re creating a brand new site or have looked at your existing one and realised that it doesn’t reflect your business any more. Your visual branding is important but the words you use will hold your readers attention and show them whether you’re their kind of business.

I’ll work with you, your website designer or your branding expert to get to know your business and create copy that works for your business. I play well with others, so count me in if you’re putting a team together.

Magazine articles

You already know that good PR can work wonders for your profile. If you’ve got the opportunity to be featured in anything from your local paper to a national magazine, I’ll help you to create articles that bring your business to a wider audience. I’ll tailor each piece to the publication and make sure that every article is different so you don’t end up repeating yourself!

Ad hoc blog content

Do you normally write your own blog but find yourself rushed off your feet and running out of time? Have you been struck down with brain fog and the words aren’t happening? Let me pick up the slack. I’ll create a blog that sounds like you wrote it yourself. Your readers get a seamless experience and your marketing stays consistent.

There’s no minimum contract so you can pick me up and put me down again as often as you need to.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so whatever you need, just ask!

How I work

I provide all new clients with a 30 minute telephone consultation so we can get to know each other.  I believe that working with a writer you get on with gives the best results so I want you to be sure you’ve made the right choice.  We’ll also map out your project and talk about the information you’ll provide and any research I’ll need to do. Then I’ll send you a quote.

If you’re happy to carry on I’ll deliver your first draft to you within the time we’ve agreed.  If you want me to provide installments at regular intervals, that’s fine too.  I’ll always work on your terms.

My quotes

I quote on a per project basis so the price I quote is the price you pay.  The quote includes reasonable alterations too.  If any of the terminology I’ve used is wrong or you need to adjust the tone, it’s all included.  I’ll only charge additional fees if you move the goalposts or substantially alter the project brief.

What’s next?

If you have any questions, please email me or click here to see some samples of my work.

Ready to talk? you can book your no obligation Zoom consultation here.