Freelancers: how to make sure you find a gem

If you’ve decided to outsource, the idea of finding a suitable freelancer can be hugely daunting.  Recruitment agencies aren’t usually interested in placing freelancers so even larger companies will need to talk to freelancers direct. Read more

Time management: you can harness the power of routine

Which do you think is more important, time management or routine? Perhaps you think they’re the same thing. After all, having a consistent schedule probably means you’re managing your time well and you’ve developed some routines which are working effectively. I’d say routine is more about the small things that make each day work (or […]

Do you feel like a headless chicken? Here’s how to stop

Let’s face it, we’re all busy most of the time.  If you’re anything like me there are a thousand and one things to be achieved in the course of a single day and never enough hours to get it all done.  I find myself going into headless chicken mode, dotting between one task and the […]