Stress: why you need to share

Stress is pretty much a buzz word these days.  If anyone talks about reducing their stress levels we look at them and wonder whether they’ve got their retirement plan sorted already. Of course, stress is a natural part of modern life. Read more

Food: how eating more healthily could boost your business

Every business woman I know (and a lot of the men too) have struggled with their eating habits at some point.  Of course, that isn’t restricted to business owners.  It’s just as easy for someone with a full time job to eat junk too. We’ve all heard the lectures about healthy eating but really, who […]

Newsletters: helping you to keep the conversation going

Everyone I talk to about marketing these days tells me how important it is to have an e-mail list. They’re right, of course. Unless you get marked as spam, e-mail marketing is the most reliable way of keeping in contact with prospective customers. The Facebook algorithm that decides how many people get to see your […]

Family time: do you have working parent guilt?

I admit it.  I’m short changing my kids.  I promised myself that self-employment would mean spending more time with them as I could work flexibly.  Whilst it’s true that I can be there for the school run and sports day I’ve lost count of the number of times I sit next to my eldest son […]

Building your business: are you living the dream yet?

Do you have a vision for your future?  If you do, are you working towards it or is it something that you hope might eventually happen without you putting in too much effort? I was recently involved in a 14 day business building challenge where the participants were encouraged to think about their goals and […]