Reach your audience by sharing what you love

When I ask people what they struggle with when it comes to producing content for their business, I usually get one of two answers.  Some people have ideas but when they put them down on paper it just sounds wrong.  There is a solution to that, but that’s for another blog. Far and away the […]

Is your business ready for the school holidays?

There’s a part of me that really looks forward to the school holidays, especially in the summer.  My eldest son is still quite little so is usually exhausted by the end of term.  During term time I’m constantly rushing them out of the house or shouting because their shoes have mysteriously vanished.  During the school […]

How you can make it easy to take a break

Going on holiday is generally a good idea.  If you aren’t convinced by that have a read of my last blog – hopefully it will change your mind.  When you have a family going away, or at least having a few days off, is practically compulsory. Of course, knowing that you’re going to take a break is […]