Are you going on holiday? It could be great for business!

Holiday good for businessHave you organised your holiday yet?  The kids are about to finish school and the weather is, well, British.  You might be reading this in the midst of a heatwave or longing to fly off to avoid the rain.

Taking time off when you run your own business, or even if you have a key role in someone else’s, can feel difficult.  When I was still practicing law we used to get emails reminding us to use our holiday.  I didn’t usually need reminding but plenty of my colleagues did.

I understand the feeling of not wanting to take time away from your business.  If you offer a service that exchanges time for money, a week away can put quite a dent in your monthly income.

If you’re contemplating staying behind your desk this summer, don’t.  There are some very good reasons for taking a break.

Avoid burn out

How are you feeling?  Tired? Stressed?  Or are you suffering from the most common business ailment, overwhelm?  That’s because you haven’t stepped away from your desk since Christmas.  OK, maybe Easter if you didn’t send the children to holiday club.

Even if you love your work, you need to take a break.  I know plenty of people who are physically incapable of lying still by a pool, but you don’t have to spend your holiday on a sun lounger if it’s not your style.  Take a city break or even an activity holiday where you can learn something new.   You can end the day with a cocktail or a glass of fizz and come home feeling refreshed.

Time with the family

I know what you’re thinking.  I’m talking about a restful and stimulating holiday and you’ve got young children.  Me too.  Going on holiday with kids can be great fun but they’re still going to be up at stupid o’clock.  I occasionally feel as if I take my children on holiday to shout at them in a new place.  Happily there are positives.

If you have working parent guilt, a family holiday can go some way to easing it.  It’s the one time when you don’t have to rush them out of the door so you can get to work.  Unless it’s chucking it down the kids can spend the day outside.  All that fresh air means that they’ll sleep while you have some quality time with your other half.

New perspective

Before I had children I travelled all over the world.  Now you’re more likely to find me in the UK with a bucket and spade.   The funny thing is, the location doesn’t seem to matter.  When I remove myself from my daily routine, I start to gain perspective on it.  The people I meet give me a different outlook on life.  I’ll find the solution to a problem I couldn’t see past at home.

When you step away from your business the little details get smaller.  That’s when the big vision can start to materialise.  Going on holiday gives you the brain space to think about your larger goals and how to achieve them.

So, are you going away?  Or is it time to talk to a travel agent?  Let me know in the comments below!