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Share what you loveWhen I ask people what they struggle with when it comes to producing content for their business, I usually get one of two answers.  Some people have ideas but when they put them down on paper it just sounds wrong.  There is a solution to that, but that’s for another blog.

Far and away the most common problem is that people don’t know what to write about.  They like the idea of writing a blog but don’t know where to start when it comes to topics.

There are loads of strategies available for coming up with blog post topics.  I’ll probably write about them all at some point but for now I’m going to share my favourite.  Write about what you love.

What has love got to do with business?

Why did you start your business?  Did you spot a great opportunity in a market you had no strong feelings about one way or another?  Or did you start your business to make a living out of the skill you love most?  The things that you get excited about will be different depending on which of those camps you fall into.

If you’re a natural entrepreneur, maybe you love talking about your strategy and the techniques you used to grow your business.  If you followed your passion, think about your favourite tasks.  Talk about your niche or what got you into your industry in the first place.  Write about the things that get you excited.

How does writing about your favourite topic help?

When you talk about your favourite subject, you light up.  That same enthusiasm will come across in your writing, even if it’s not your main skill.  Growing your business often means finding your tribe.  Those are the fans who will stay with you because they love your work.  Often the only difference between you and another business offering the same service is your personality.

I know a lot of people worry about boring their potential customers.  The truth is that they will if they can see your enthusiasm.  They might not understand the technical details in the same way as you.  But if you talk about the ways you can help them with authority, they will trust you.

My travel habit

I love travelling.  Before I had children I travelled all over the place, including taking a solo trip to Argentina.  I’ve been shut into a cell at Alcatraz and wiggled into a wetsuit in New Zealand.  Every trip has left me with fantastic memories.  More than that, I’ve learned that people are basically the same wherever you go.  If you talk to them with energy and enthusiasm, they listen.  The world can seem like a hostile place, but it needn’t be.  Be open and share your story.  As long as you treat people with respect, you’d be amazed at how generous they can be.

If you already have a blog but feel that no-one’s reading, try writing about your favourite topic.  Or, if you want to start a blog but don’t know how, now you do.  I love reading new blogs, so if you’ve got one to share please drop a link in the comments.

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