Why you should be making your travel marketing a celebration

marketing celebrationIt’s that time of year where we’re all thinking about having a celebration. Party season is drawing to a close and the family will be gathering for Christmas dinner. Before you know it we’ll be on to New Year’s Eve.

Then, when you’ve barely had time to catch your breath, it’s a whole new year. You’ve probably got your marketing strategy worked out already. But, whilst we’re in festive mood, here are a few reasons why you might want to keep a celebratory feel for the rest of the year.

Your customers are celebrating

Boxing Day might be peak time for holiday adverts, but a fantastic holiday is a cause for celebration in itself. How many office workers are counting down the days to their sunny summer break? A holiday represents freedom. A week or two where they can do exactly as they please.

Your marketing can capture that feeling and help your customers to picture themselves there. I saw a great example of this recently. It was a Facebook post that said; “Sick of seeing snowy photos in your timeline? How about the Maldives instead?” There was a gorgeous picture of a beach and a lovely sun lounger that I was immediately desperate to go and lie on.

You could even be a bit cheeky if you think your customers will like it. If they’ve spent Christmas with the extended family they might be desperate for a break with their other half. Do you have any isolated spots they could escape to?

The kids are alright

Of course, not every holiday is a luxury adult only break. The great news with family holidays is that you can channel the excitement the kids will be feeling too. The Disney ad campaigns do this brilliantly with the videos of children being told they’re going for a Disney break.

You could share images of the activities and facilities for children. Videos of a holiday club hosting a virtual tour can help the whole family feel at home. This can also be great for children who struggle with new environments.

Best of all, you can highlight the fact that all this excitement will wear the kids out so you can have a lie in.  That’s cause for celebration in itself!

Discover the local culture

Sometimes a holiday is about experiencing a renowned local celebration, for example St Patrick’s Day in Boston or Mardi Gras in Rio. I imagine you’re using those already, but what else could you do?

Outside the big festivals, travel is about discovering and celebrating the local culture. Can you guide your customers towards the things the locals do to have fun? Companies such as VizEat and Eating Europe Tours guide their customers towards food experiences that are off the beaten path or hosted by local people. Air BnB have used the idea that you can live like a local very effectively too.

Every meal is a celebration

Let’s face it, every meal that you don’t have to cook yourself is a celebration. When you’re telling your customers about the food and drink that’s on offer, take it one step further. Tell them about the ways that they could enjoy an intimate dinner for two or a party night. Show them how the service makes them feel as if it’s their birthday every day.

However you approach it, it’s always a good idea to help your customers feel as if they’re on holiday already.  If you’d like some more ideas on what to post you can sign up for my free guide here.

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