How to find blog topics: keep your ears open!

Find blog topics ears openI know how it is; everyone (including me) tells you that you need to blog. It’s great for customer engagement and improving your search engine ranking. But it only works if you do it regularly. Twice a month, once a week or even more. I’ve seen it referred to as ‘the content monster’ and that’s pretty accurate. Even I feel like that sometimes.

So what can you do? How do you find blog topics that your customers will find interesting week after week without constantly repeating yourself?

Use different formats

When you think of a blog post you probably imagine a written article like this one. Obviously, this is my favourite format. I get to show off with lots of words all at once.

However, your business might lend itself well to something else. Like a vlog, an infographic, a list post or a case study. You can pick out bits of the same information and highlight it with a great infographic. Case studies with photographs work particularly well in a ‘before and after’ scenario. You might have dramatically changed someone’s look or overhauled their house. Sharing the process helps your future customers to understand how you work and what results they could expect.

Keep your ears open

There are analytical tools you can use to find out what’s trending in your industry but by far the simplest way is to listen to other people. You can find blog topics on social media, during face to face chats or even eavesdropping on the bus home.

Here are some of my favourites:

Groups on social media

Facebook and LinkedIn groups can be a really useful source of information depending on your focus. If you want to know what other business owners are talking about, go to the business groups. Or, if you sell baby clothes, go to the parenting groups. Some business based groups can offer useful insights into how people manage their work/life balance too.

Networking groups

Networking groups are the perfect place to find blog topics if you offer a B2B service. Everyone is there to talk business and will happily tell you about their latest triumph or have a whinge if they’re finding something challenging.

Talk to your friends

I’m constantly inspired by my friends and not just because some of them are self-employed. Virtually everyone has to juggle work and life to some extent and even a throwaway comment can spark something new.

Be nosey

If you spot your potential customers on a train or in another public place, listen in. I know, my granny told me that eavesdroppers never hear well of themselves too. Trains are the perfect place for this as you can often hear everything people are saying but the seat backs are high enough to hide behind so they don’t notice you.

How does it help me find blog topics?

Listening to other people keeps you in touch with their lives. It helps you to understand their pain points and aspirations. Understanding what drives your customers lets you produce content that speaks directly to them.

Once people realise that you understand their problems, they can begin to see you as the solution.

You never know, you might even come up with a new way of doing things yourself.

Do you find blog topics being sparked by conversation? Drop me a comment and let me know!

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