The three social media modes and why you need to know about them

You might not have heard about the three social media modes before, but trust me, you’ll want to know about them.  We’ve all heard about Facebook’s new emphasis on building communities. How do you build community? By getting people talking on your posts and about your content.

The most important thing to remember about social media is that it’s social. It’s not about you giving your customers a lecture. They want to see things that inspire them and get them excited rather than just hearing about how wonderful you are.  In short, it’s about them, not you. When your customers see something they enjoy they’ll respond with a like, a comment or by sharing it with their network. That’s where the three social media modes come in.

Encouraging people to engage

Have you ever spotted something interesting in your social media feed but haven’t had the time or inclination to respond? That blog post looks useful but you were only checking in quickly and you’re not going to read it now? The simple fact is that you were in the wrong mode. You needed something that you could absorb quickly but that wasn’t what you found. Maybe you’ll save it to read later, maybe you won’t.  Perhaps you’ll save it and then forget all about it.

So where does that leave you if that was your blog post? How do you re-engage your customers’ interest? The good news is that by knowing about the social media modes and using the right kind of content, you can plan posts that will hit the right note.

Social media mode 1: On the Go

In the scenario I described above, you were in ‘on the go’ mode. Facebook estimates that 70% of the total time spent on their platform is in this mode. Users aren’t in the mood for sitting down and absorbing a long post.  They just want to be shown something entertaining. The good news is that short blasts of information will still make an impression, especially if they create an emotional response.

The content you use could be something as simple as a meme, a beautiful image or a useful tip. Short videos are a great way of engaging interest and encouraging people to find out more.

Social media mode 2: Lean forward

When you’re in lean forward mode you’re engaged with the content but not completely relaxed. Your customers might be looking at Facebook while they’re on the train home.  They have a bit more time to read your content or watch your video but they still need to make sure they don’t miss their stop.

Video is ideal for this mode. You could do a behind the scenes video showing people what you’re up to.  If you make a product you could give your viewers a quick demonstration of one of your techniques.  It can be amazing for travel businesses if you’re visiting a particular destination.  Show them around for a couple of minutes then invite them to message you if they’d like to be there as well.

Social media mode 3: Lean back

What do you do at the end of a tiring day? Kick your shoes off and lean back into the sofa. Of course, your customers might do something similar on their lunch break. Lean back mode gives you the opportunity to talk to people who are relaxed and ready to pay attention to something a bit more detailed.

You can tell your customers a story, let them get to know you and share more detailed information on a subject. They’ll take more in because they’ve stopped rushing about and they’re ready to listen.  Longer videos, articles and blog posts are perfect.

Do you use the modes already? How can you change your strategy to use all three? Leave a comment and let me know!

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