Why aren’t you using video in your business?

Why aren't you using videoI know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times (at least).  Video is an amazing marketing tool.  Facebook loves video so you’re more likely to get into people’s news feeds.  It gets you in front of your customers like nothing else.  They can see you and hear your voice so they get to know you.

But that’s the problem, isn’t it?  I know, because I’ve told myself the same things you have.  My hair’s a mess, I don’t have any make up on, I need to lose weight, etc., etc., etc.  So here’s how to grasp the nettle and get yourself in front of a camera.

Forget about how you look

I know this is easier said than done.  I did loads of video last year and then I had an accident that left me with a damaged tooth.  I felt really self-conscious about it, especially as I thought it made my voice sound different.  The truth was, when I talked to people in person, no one noticed, even if they already knew me.  Unfortunately it put me off doing video for ages.  My tooth is fixed now but I’m still not doing as much video as I was because I got out of the habit.

You might hate how you look and sound on video, but if you speak about your subject with enthusiasm, no one will notice.  All you need to do is to present yourself in a way that makes you feel confident.  If that means putting make up on or wearing your favourite outfit, go for it.

Find something to show people

If you don’t just want to be a talking head in front of the camera, go out.  Find something else for people to look at.  You should still feature in the video but you’ll feel less self-conscious if you’re showing people a view.

Depending on your business, this can also be a great way of educating people.  Philippa at British History Tours does this really well.  She visits historical sites and shows them to her audience while explaining a bit about the history.  I recently saw a live video from a travel agent giving us a virtual tour of the main square in Monte Carlo.

You can tailor your video to your business, showing them products or just talking about your services.

What to say

It’s always a good idea to work out what you’re going to say before you hit record.  I’ve written scripts for people before and I know some people swear by an autocue.  Do what works for you.  If it’s a short video you probably don’t need a script.  Just have a rough idea of what you want to say.  You might find your speech sounds more natural if you’re not reading from a script.  Alternatively, you might find yourself completely lost for words without one!

The most important thing to remember is that people have short attention spans, especially on social media.  Work out what your main message is, get it across and say goodbye.

Invest in some video tech

I’ve always done my videos with my iPad or phone held out at arm’s length.  It’s a bit uncomfortable so I’m now looking for a tripod.

Also, don’t forget the subtitles!  Most people will see your video in their Facebook feed without sound so subtitles could increase your views by around 12%.  There is specialist software but a more cost effective option is to send your video off to a transcription service.

Are you a video convert or are you going to give it a go?  Let me know in the comments!


To find out more about British History Tours visit their website here

For subtitling, www.rev.com offer subtitling and transcription services for $1 a minute.


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