You can boost your business with an amazing lead magnet

Amazing lead magnetWhat’s a lead magnet?  I hear you cry.  You might not have heard it called that, but it’s basically a freebie.  Whenever you see an advert saying something like ‘download this free guide’ or ‘click here for your free sample’, the free thing is a lead magnet.

It’s something that a business offers to potential customers in exchange for their email address.  As we all (hopefully) know by now, email marketing is a powerful thing.  Offering your customers something they want for free is a great way to get them onto your list.

The ability to create a great lead magnet mainly depends on two things; knowing your potential customers and offering them something they need.

Specificity is key

Who is your ideal customer?  The more specific you can be about their needs, wants and preferences the better your lead magnet will be.  Think about your product or service and the type of person who normally buys.  Are they male or female?  How old are they?  Do they have children?  You can get really detailed here, right down to the magazines they read, what websites they visit and where else they shop.

Once you’ve done all that, identify their pain points.  They might be cash rich but time poor or the complete opposite.  Say you’re a fitness instructor who specializes in helping people to lose weight.  A big hurdle for your potential customers might be fear that they’ll be laughed at.  Or that you’ll work at a level that’s too hard for them.  Your lead magnet could be a video that gives them a few simple exercises that they can do at home.  It demonstrates what you do and gives them a quick win in the form of a confidence boost.

Lead magnet = quick win

Giving your customer a quick win is really important.  Your lead magnet needs to offer something short and sweet that they can put into practice straight away.  So our fitness instructor should offer ‘an all over workout in 15 minutes’ rather than a six week course in the fundamentals of fitness. Quick results allow your customers to see the benefits and get in touch with you for more.

That said, they could take your lead magnet away, use it and never contact you again.  That’s the risk you take.  But if you plan your email marketing well you can keep giving them added value that encourages them to use you when they’re ready to buy.

Choose your format

When it comes to format, downloadable books or leaflets are a popular choice.  For one thing, you don’t need loads of expensive kit to produce them.  You can choose anything that suits your industry.  If video works better for you, try that instead.  The key is to have something that your potential customers can access easily.

Craft your copy

Even if you’re using lots of pictures or a video, get your wording right.  Your words speak directly to your customers.  If you’re showing some of your products, your descriptions can highlight any special features or even suggest uses that your customer might not have thought of.

Make it look good

Your visuals offer the first impression your customer gets, and if you don’t look professional they could just pass you by.  If nothing else, good design and clear images show that you care about what you’re doing.

If you already have a lead magnet I’d love to see it.  Even if you don’t, leave me a comment and I might just help you out with an idea!

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