Do you need video confidence?

Video confidenceWhen you’re using video, confidence is key. But what if you don’t have any? What if the idea of putting yourself on video is enough to give you the heebie jeebies?

The good news is, there is help. Here’s my handy guide to building your video confidence and sharing your business on screen.

Prepare to cringe

I’ll let you into a secret. I haven’t met anyone who likes how they look on screen. Admittedly I’ve never met a Hollywood movie star, so I can’t rule out the possibility that they exist. Amongst us mere mortals it’s fair to assume that you are always going to cringe a little bit when you watch yourself back.

Once you admit that the first few videos might be a painful experience, you’ve cleared the first hurdle. Now, you have two choices. You can let it put you off forever or just get on and take the plunge. (Clue: I’m not recommending the first option.)

Prepare yourself

Let’s face it, we all have a certain level of vanity. You might be avoiding putting yourself on screen because you’re having a bad hair day or you’ve got a spot. Maybe you’re a member of my former tribe. The one that says “I’ll do video when I’ve lost weight.” The truth is, no-one really cares what you look like. They’re too busy worrying about themselves.

That said, if a bit of makeup or some smarter clothes will give you the confidence to get in front of the camera, go for it. I’ve also filmed videos make up free just to see how it looks. It’s never as bad as you think.

Know what you’re going to say

If people don’t notice what you look like, they will notice how you come across. If you’re mumbling with your head down your audience will swiftly lose interest. My video confidence tends to come from having a rough idea of what I’m going to say before I start. I might still waffle a bit but I’ve always got a plan in my head to go back to. I’ve written scripts for clients who want to go a step further and have the wording ready in front of them.

You don’t have to be on screen

If you really aren’t ready to be in front of the camera yet, don’t worry. There are other ways of using video. If you use a computer you could share a video of some work in progress or show your audience how to use one of your favourite tools. There are a few different ways of recording your screen. If you already have Powerpoint or Quicktime you can use both of them and there are other free and paid software options that let you record too.  I’ve put some links in the further information section so you can have a look.

Alternatively you could focus the camera on something other than your face. If you have permission you could video an event that you’re at or show off a great view. If you make something focus the camera on your hands doing the work while you explain what you’re doing.

Build your video confidence

Like anything else, the more you use video the better you get. Sometimes it’s just a case of being brave. I’ve done things that scared me in the past and I’ve got braver as a result. It doesn’t mean that nothing scares me any more (I wish!) but the list is smaller now.  If you’d like to know more about that I’ve written a blog post about it here.

Good luck! Let me know how you get on.

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