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Why you need to look after your existing customers

Do you remember that Nationwide advert that had the tagline “Brand new customers only”?  It succeeded because it hit a nerve.  People were fed up with the idea that attracting new and shiny customers was more important than looking after the ones they already had.

When you think about it, looking after your existing customers isn’t just polite, it makes good business sense.  You’ve invested time and money in marketing or networking to change that person from a lead into a customer, so why waste it?  Your existing customers already know, like and trust you and you can build on that.  So how do you go about it?

It’s all about value

There are a lot of similarities between content marketing and taking good care of your existing customers.  Content marketing allows you to build a trusting relationship by sharing your expertise.  Your prospects can see that you understand their problems and will offer a solution.  Showing existing customers that you will continue to provide them with valuable information demonstrates that you’re not just looking to take their money and run.

This can take any form you like; sending regular updates, sharing blogs or even emailing a contact directly with an interesting article that’s relevant to their business.  You don’t have to generate all of the content yourself.  The fact that you’ve taken the trouble to get in touch keeps you at the forefront of your existing customers’ minds.  It’s easy to assume that they will remember you and get in touch if they need your services again, but that isn’t always the case.  The marketplace is crowded and there will always be a competitor with a tempting new offer.  Reminding your existing customers of the service you provided increases the prospects of securing repeat business.  If you’d like to know how this can fit into a marketing strategy that avoids the hard sell, you can get sign up for a copy of my free guide on the subject here

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