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Building a business community: why you need to seek out your super fans

Do you think of yourself as being part of a community?  Sometimes it feels as if modern life is increasingly isolated and we’re all living in our own little bubbles.  For me, that notion disappears as soon as I arrive at the school gates or my local toddler group.  I suppose that’s one of the benefits of living in a village, although sometimes the level of gossip gets a bit overwhelming.

For me, building community means seeking out people who share my life experiences.  I feel at home amongst other tired parents and busy business women.  There’s just a level of understanding that makes communication more straightforward.

Increasingly, I’m finding my communities online as well as in the real world.  That’s particularly crucial when it comes to business.  There are a fair few self-employed people in my village but there are loads of them online.

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