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Working from home: how do you get anything done?

Working from home can be hugely stressful.  That’s not to say that working outside the home isn’t, the challenges are just a bit different.  At least if you’re going out to work there’s a clear distinction between home and work.  You’ve left the house and can’t be expected to load the dishwasher or hang the washing out to dry.

When your home is your workplace you can start to find that work tasks start to seep into the rest of your life.  Often, that isn’t the real issue.  You can start to find that you’re expected to do the household tasks or take phone calls from your friends and family because you’re “at home”.  The fact that you might have a mountain of work to get through doesn’t seem to register.

So what can you do?  There are, as you might expect, some practical things but you might have to have some difficult conversations too.

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