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How you can find exciting topics for your blog

Blog post topics

When you start a blog and want to come up with topics, there’s one very important thing to keep at the front of your mind. Your customer. Whatever you write about, ask yourself – “will my customers care about this?” If they won’t, don’t write about it.

Knowing your customer should be one of the foundation stones of your marketing. When you know who is most likely to need you then you can start talking just to them. I know it’s tempting to cast your marketing net wide but you just end up with bland blog posts that don’t talk to anyone in particular. A good blog can create that moment of recognition when your reader realises that you understand them.

Before you start working on a list of blog topics, think about who they’re for. They might be people who are cash rich but time poor or the complete opposite. Your products might only suit people who are at a particular stage in their lives, like the parents of new babies or people who’ve just retired. Think about the problems you solve or the ways you make your customers’ lives better. Then we can get started.

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