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My family history and how a replica Roman chariot shaped my life

family-history-papaThis is my Grandpa, Jimmy.  Handsome chap, wasn’t he?  I don’t often do Throwback Thursday but it would have been his birthday today so I thought it was a good day to tell you about him.

He died in the 1980s when I was only a child but his influence is still with me.  He would be astonished by the way the world has changed in the intervening years.  Back then mobile phones were in their infancy and needed a battery the size of a suitcase.  The internet hadn’t been invented.

Today, I get annoyed if I can’t get phone signal.  I recently went on holiday where there was no internet connection.  At the time it didn’t particularly bother me but when I got home I barely made eye contact with the rest of the family while I caught up with Facebook.  I know – sad, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t have much of a business if I didn’t have the internet.  I find the vast majority of my clients online and pretty much all of my marketing happens on Facebook.  I sometimes think that the way I run my life is completely separate from the way my grandpa would have done things.  Then I realise that his influence is still with me.

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  1. The hoesnty of your posting is there for all to see

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