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Why I love to travel

Love to travelYou might have noticed that my blogs have taken on a bit of a theme recently.  Over the past few months I’d started to feel a bit stuck.  I wanted to use my background in my writing and to me that meant working for professional services businesses.

After all, I’d spent a big chunk of my life as a solicitor.  Surely those were the people I should be helping?  The lawyers, accountants and financial advisers that I’d lived among for all those years.  I understood them and the way their minds worked.

And yet, I wasn’t as excited about it as I used to be.  I still have some fantastic clients who work in those industries, but I realised that it was the people that made it enjoyable and not just the subject.

So, I thought about who my favourite people are and what I really love doing.  After a wonderful and random conversation with a photographer and a jewellery designer the truth was out.  I love to travel and those are the businesses I want to write for.  But why?  What is it about exploring the world that excites me so much?

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