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Why you need a fantastic landing page to skyrocket your conversions

Do you have a lead magnet?  If you don’t, take a look at my previous blogs to find out why you should.

Done?  OK, so what do you do with your customers when they’ve clicked on your lead magnet?  Send them through to a generic sign up page for your email list or something else?  If you really want to get someone onto your email list it needs to be the latter.

Imagine you’re out shopping and you see an interesting looking food packet.  It’s an ingredient you’ve never come across before but the image on the front looks appealing.  You pick up the packet to find out how you might use it and perhaps an idea of what it tastes like.  But when you start reading the back of the pack it gives you a list of ingredients and that’s it.  What do you do?  Do you gamble and buy it anyway?  Or do you put it back on the shelf?  Maybe if you’re adventurous or the item is cheap you’ll give it a go.  However, if there’s helpful copy that tells you it goes well with something you already like, you’re much more likely to buy.

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