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Why you need a CTA in every blog post

Call to action CTAOne of the benefits of a blog post is that your audience can read it and walk away, obligation free. Of course, from your point of view that’s also one of the downsides. By writing a blog you offer useful information that demonstrates your expertise. Your regular readers get to know you, like what you’re saying and ultimately trust you. By using a CTA you can help that relationship to develop.

What’s a CTA?

CTA stands for call to action. It can be anything that helps you to build a relationship with your customers. It could be something as simple as asking your readers to leave a comment on your blog or share it on social media. At the other end of the scale you could be asking people to buy something, from a physical product to a training course.

The best CTAs are the ones that make it easy for people to take action. If you want people to share, include buttons so they can do it with one click. Include a link to a form that signs people up to your mailing list or allows them to book an appointment. People are far more likely to act if it’s straightforward.

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