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Do you want to send a fabulous Christmas message?

I know, I know, I’m sorry OK?  I know it’s only November and some of you are probably wincing.  The thing is, in eight weeks it’ll all be over.  The presents will have been opened, you’ll be wondering what to do with all the turkey and someone will be asleep in front of the TV.  In my house that will probably be me.

Everyone has their own personality when it comes to planning.  I was always one of those people who refused to acknowledge anything festive before 1st December.  I start a bit earlier now but I’m still shocked by the social media posts from people who’ve wrapped everything up by mid-October.  If that applies to you, please share, I’d love to know how anyone gets that organised!

If you’ve got your own business Christmas gives you a great opportunity to connect with your customers.  But if you want to make the right impression you need to act now.

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